Carved stone & dying agate

alexis - here i go again: after the geode has been cut it is very
difficult to get it dyed. the brazilian mines put the uncut geodes
into a high pressure tank & force the dyes through the skin of the
geodes; some less dense crystals accept the dye & others just pass it
on through. all the dyes fade with exposure to light. i cut, grind &
polish my own stones from ‘rough’ material ranging agates to opals to
jade for my jewelry so i qualify as a ‘lapidary’ & i know someone - a
brazilian - who brokers dyed agate slabs, bookends, & display pieces.
i am very familiar with the dyed material, & i won’t use it in
jewelry. you do not want a dyed agate in a ring into which you plan
to put any work or effort and that you expect to last for any length
of time. you certainly do not want to try to dye a piece of agate.
use a piece of larimar or one of the stablized turquoises or
variscite for that color - better yet, log onto eBay & check out the
’gemstones & jewelry’ auctions & go to ‘faceted & cabochon stones’ &
look at the pictures - you will find something you can use there for
very little - good luck - ive