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Carved cabochons - and "prejudice"

     I am responding to Douglas' response Re: carved cabs, which I
find to be somewhat prejudiced. 

Dear fellow Orchid-listers, in general, and Linda, in particular,
It’s hard to know quite how to respond to a sweepingly generalized
label, such as “prejudiced”, especially when it comes in response to
an effort which was meant as an earnest sharing of To
my mind, the words, “freeform” and “carved cabochons”, when used
together, can describe any of several kinds of stones, and I’d
honestly done my best to outline those in detail. If this response
comes as a result of my use of the word, “Mogul” (or “Moghul”, as in
the response), it’s not from any sense of prejudice or patronization
that I use that adjective; it’s what one of the NY auction houses
called that style of carving, when it auctioned-off several pieces
done in that style, a few years back. Similarly, there was neither
contempt nor condescension intended in my descriptions of either the
ultrasonic or other carving styles; I simply (and, as I recall,
pretty straightforwardly), described the pluses and minuses of each
style, listed the advantages and limitations of each, and suggested
sources by which any and all might be found. If that qualifies as
"prejudiced", could someone please tell me when that word became
synonymous with other adjectives like “generous” and “helpful”? In
answering that request for I did not intend to sleight
anyone, and honestly don’t understand how I possibly could have. On
the other hand, if it was my delineation of the differences between
rare, or one-of-a-kind, signed pieces of fine lapidary art, and
various forms of mass-production lapidary pieces, created under
circumstances which value quantity of output over individuality and
finish, then I stand “guilty, as charged” …and quite proudly so.
After all, when it comes to our own, personal standards of what
we’re willing to sign our names to (or not), aren’t we all a little
"prejudiced"? I certainly hope so.

Sincerely, Doug Turet Douglas Turet, GJ Lapidary Artist, Designer &
Goldsmith Turet Design P.O. Box 162 Arlington, MA 02476 Tel. (617)
325-5328 eFax (928) 222-0815