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Carpal Tunnel

Hi Folks My turn on the soapbox on this problem.

For many people CTS is caused by repetitive motions, which often can
be reduced or eliminated through exercise, diet, rest and

Just before Christmas I finally asked my doctor about the pain,
tingling. stiffness, and weakness in my hands and lower arms. I had
been putting up with it for about 5 years as it slowly got worse.
What is a little discomfort anyway? She quickly sent me to another
Doctor who did some nerve tests on my hands and arms. She diagnosed
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - CTS, and sent me to another Doctor who
read her findings and then quizzed me and did some further tests.
All agreed I had CTS.

Here is the interesting part. You see I am a Diabetic with Thyroid
troubles too. My CTS was actually caused by same and aggravated by
Silversmithing, Lapidary, Rock Hunting, Gardening, and Computers. Go
figure. Because I had waited so long, and my medical problems, I
found I was in the advanced stages of the disease. My only
alternative was surgery.

I had the right wrist done in February, and go in Friday for the
left. Though my right hand is not fully recovered, diabetics tend to
take longer to heal, it is definitely improved. Only the left hand
goes numb, tingly, and aching. It is easier to sleep, as the pain is
much reduced.

For those lucky enough to have their CTS caused only by repetitive
motions, please take heed the advice of those who lectured before.
Change your routines, exercise gently for strength, rest regularly,
and anything else healthy. Do it now, before it goes advanced
because it is possible for it to cause permanent damage.

Also I strongly recommend that if you check out the following links,
you will learn more medical and be better informed. I
did this thourghily, before agreeing to the surgery. Then please
make sure you see a doctor and someone to do nerve testing, before
you actually consider surgery. Surgery is a last option. research
and ask questions, be informed before you do anything drastic. Hope
these links will help you get informed.

Isn’t it funny how we take for granted things until we stand the
chance of losing them? Good luck to all those with sore hands, I do
know where you are coming from. I would not wish this on an enemy,
if I had one.

Karen Seidel-Bahr the ‘ROCKLADY’ @Rocklady K.I.S.
Creations May your gems always “Sparkle”