Carpal Tunnel Syndrom

Just some more advice about Carpal Tunnel woes…

Many related Repetitive Strain Injuries mascarade as Carpal Tunnel.
Your best bet for such woes is to visit your doctor and ask them
about it. Most RSI problems are tendonitis, not Carpal Tunnel.

I had some nasty tendonitis in my hand years prior. Today, it’s
next to gone. It’s best if you deal with the problem when it’s just
starting, long before surgery would be suggested.

Mostly what I did was take some some Advil (or another form if
Ibuprofen) at night, wear a wrist brace while I slept, and did wrist

Pain is generally your body’s way of telling you that you need to
take a break. When your hands start to hurt, switch gears and give
them a rest. You shouldn’t take any painkillers during the day
because that’s just going to encourage you to keep working when you
should be resting. Losing a little money now because you aren’t
producing as much as you should is much better than not being able to
practice your craft ever again.

Wearing braces during the day tends to cause your muscles to atrophy
and waste away, not get better. So beware of them.

Oh yeah, and throw the wrist pads for your mouse and keyboard out
the window. Those hurt more than they help.

Ken “Wirehead” Wronkiewicz \ \ / \ \

Just some more advice about Carpal Tunnel woes.. 

I read somewhere recently (sorry, can’t remember where - though
possibly local paper) that vitamin B6 is supposedly beneficial in
healing carpel tunnel syndrome. If that is the “happy” vitamin (as I
think it is) it could be doubly worth trying.

Cheers, Renate

vitamin B6 is supposedly beneficial in healing carpel tunnel

My neurologist told me the same thing for my problem. I does seem
to work . But taking more than your body needs wont do anything but
cost you more money. Your body will filter out what it dont need.
Or so I have been told

Daniel Hamilton