Careless Mistakes - how to lose money

One thing that's good about losing something in a shop is that
it's usually a closed system, nothing gets out unchecked except for
garbage. So if you lost it in the shop at least you know it's
probably still in the shop...somewhere. 

I’m not sure that the shop can really be called a closed system in
these days of athletic-type shoes. Take a look at the bottom of a
modern shoe - they often feature a series of narrow rubber grooves
that are perfect for picking up and concealing a small stone,
without the wearer having any knowledge of it. If you still haven’t
found that diamond, and someone in the shop wears sneakers, you might
make a close inspection of those sneaky things…

Andrew Werby

Hi there,

Andrew Werby’s post just reminded me of a time many years back when
John & I worked for Linzer Mnfg. Co. here in SF. Mr. Linzer was in a
cubicle that was designated the diamond area and he dropped a 1 ct.
fine white emerald cut diamond. He looked, swept, etc. for quite a
long time. He then asked me to step into the area to help. I was on
the floor with a flash light looking & nothing…Then I stood up,
crossed my foot over my other foot& leaned against the wall. What
possessed me to pick up my right shoe-who knows??? And low & behold
there it was between the treads of my shoe. To this day, when a
stone is down on the floor, not found etc. I always check my shoe &
anyone Else’s.

By the way, yesterday I drop a small piece of yellow gold sizing on
the floor and then a large-6 mm long & 3mm wide white gold piece and
haven’t found either. I heard them hit and thought I saw the
direction but obviously not…

Oh to be wealthy & retire !!! Actually I love what I do and would
still do it even if I was a billionaire–though I wouldn’t do
repairs on pieces that died 3 years ago…

Cheers from SF,
Jo-Ann Maggiora Donivan