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Can't Use Hoover and Strong


100% I agree with Mr. Phelps. HiTech has my recommendation above all.
I’ve lost diamonds to a refiner and had one call to say I’d owe them
money cause I didn’t meet their minimums, then discovered HiTech.
HiTech has no fees for assay or refining (just 2% holdback on gold),
pays higher settlements on sterling if you send a significant amount
(they paid me at 95% a couple of times!), and sends a great analysis
with the settlement! I’ve even seen that a couple of teeth from a
file (I assume) show up on the analysis. They calibrate their
machines and let you know the last date of calibration right on the

Thank you David for mentioning them, if we keep 'em busy they’ll
keep us happy.

Again, not a paid endorsement, just another satisfied customer I am.
If you want to see evidence, please email me off Ganoksin and I can
scan and send you a sample of one of their analysis reports. I weigh
my scrap to .01 dwt and evaluate it myself and HiTech has never
deviated from my records!

One more piece of advice, if you are selecting a refiner, call and
ask them “How do you make money?”.

Tim Dwornick
Hastings, NE