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Can't Make Jump Ringer Works

Hello, I’m trying to learn how to use the Jump Ringer System that I
purchased from Rio, you attach it to the Foredom and supposedly saw
through the coil as it is held down.

I set it up, followed instructions and I couldn’t get it to work

I called the Inventor/ Manufacturer and got basically the same
instructions that Rio gave me. Both Rio and the Manufacturer were
very, very nice, but still with all the instruction I can’t get my
Jump Ringer to make jump rings.

The rings collapse as I begin the saw, or the saw doesn’t go through
completely, and many more mishaps…

I’m frustrated and wanted to know if there is anyone out there that
can help me understand what more I need to be doing !!!

I live in the Chicagoland area and I’m hoping that someone can come
and show me what I’m doing wrong…

Thanks in advance for any help that you can give…


The  rings collapse as I begin the saw, or the saw doesn't go
through completely, and many more mishaps... 

I’ve found - the only way mine works is if I loop the jump rings
onto a wooden skewer (dowel sp?) and insert the dowel into the hold
down gadget and then cut. It’s not easy to do, and you will have some

I’ve had the problems you describe as well as having the jump rings
actually fly out of the coil holder while cutting them. I have found
that there are a number of things that can contribute to this…

Make sure that your saw blade is well lubricated (I actually use PAM
cooking spray - I assume any good lubricant would work)

When cutting the rings make sure your blade is turning quite fast,
I’ve found the easiest thing to do is to lay one side of the jig on
the coil holder, turn up the rpm’s and slowly rotate the jig until
the blade is inserted fully into the slot of the holder. Then I just
run it down its length.

Good Luck!


Hello Rosanne,

I am the inventor/manufacturer of the Jump Ringer. Please understand
that I feel that if you have a problem with our product, we have a
problem. I want to help you.

I strongly urge that you go to a hardware store or a Home Depot and
purchase one each: 1/8", 1/4" and 3/8" diameter wood dowels. Cut the
dowels into 3" lengths and insert the largest that will fit into
your coil - it need not be a good fit. Cut you coils with the dowel
in place. It will prevent them from collapsing. If you make rings
that the 1/8" dowel does not fit into, pick up bamboo skewers at
your local super market.

I’m certain this will solve your problem. Please contact me at
516-333-9147 if I can be of further help.

Ray Grossman

We wrap the coil with clear tape before cutting it in holder- that
holds the coil together.

Rick Hamilton

The same thing happened to me and it turned out that I had the blade
on the wrong way - spinning clockwise instead of counter clockwise.
I felt pretty stupid and ruined a lot of coils. At least it was easy
to solve the problem.

Joanna Francis

Interesting… I have been using this gadget, successfully, for about
a year. I have found that making my coils just long enough to fill
the space inside the “coil holder”, so that they are firm against the
left side, works well. The coil also must be as tight as possible to
avoid excess movement. The few times I have tried to make less than
the full length of the coil holder, I have had problems.


    The  rings collapse as I begin the saw, or the saw doesn't go
through completely, and many more mishaps... 

I have the jumpringer and my employees do about 8 to 10 coils at a
time, I do not have to use wooden dowels or brass rods (for ovals we
do). We are using 18 ga wire.

One issue might be, if your flexshaft loads down while cutting and
binds up and cannot supply even steady torque at slower speeds, you
will have problems.If that is the case, you have to be very careful
and slow with the pressure when you cut, get the blade going fairly
fast and move into the coil slowly and hold it very steady pushing
down hard and move forward slowly. I have one #30 handpiece that is
set up with the jumpringer cutter, and I remove the handpiece and
leave it in the cutter if I need to use that flexshaft. If the cutter
is aligned right, the coil is secured correctly is the holder, use a
slow steady speed and my blades last for a long time. It did take
time to get everything aligned right, but now my employees do it
without problem.

When you start cutting, if it is not smooth and steady, something is
not right, and you will not get good results.

Richard in Denver

I used to have this problem all the time. Everything would be going
well, then they would go flying all over the place. I haven’t had
that problem even once since I started putting a strip of masking
tape along the bottom half of the coil before putting it in the
cutting jig. Works like magic and makes the coil of cut rings easy to
thread on a wire for burnishing afterwards.


Hello Orchid, thank you for all the responses I received on how to
operate my Jump Ringer, it was a struggle, but I finally got it !!
Phew ! And a special thank you to Kathy for all the help…

Rosanne I