Canadian tool suppliers

hello. Can anybody recommend some good Canadian jewellery tool

also, i am going to use a natural gas/oxygen torch system and i
can only afford one torch so it has to do melting as well as
small soddering stuff. what do you recommend?

what do you think of the hoke torch?

durston rolling mills?


In regards to Tool Dealers:

Gesswein Canada  1-416-675-9171
I Shor Canada 1-800-268-1990

Both are nice companies to do business with.

what do you think of the hoke torch?

I’ve used a Hoke for the bulk of my career. I currently use
natural gas and oxygen. I work on gold and platinum and do gold
casting with it. If I pressed it I am sure that I could cast up
to an ounce of platinum at a time. Good luck Bruce

Bruce D. Holmgrain
Maryland’s first JA certified Master Bench Jeweler

Hi,Hoke are OK, but they can develope bad seats and leak gas or
oxygen sometimes. Meco are more reliable and have have a larger
assortment of tips. Jim @Jim_Zimmerman1

I have noticed that the valves on Hoke torches tend to wander
thus changing the flame.

Try this test

Light your Hoke torch. Push in on the valve with your thumb and
then pull it out. You will be amaized at how much play there is.

I have also used the Meco torch and find it to be a much better
torch. I also like the Smith Little Torch. It has the most tip
options, it’s the torch that I use now.

Timothy A. Hansen


I live in Vancouver Canada, you might try
Lacy West Supplies
1B 736 Granville Street
Vancouver B.C.
V6Z 1K9
They also have a web site I believe ???


Page and Wilson

If you are interested I will locate the addresses and phone numbers.