Canadian Taxes on Imports

It was said in reference to --> Canadian taxes:

There is no duty that applies to art objects, religious or
otherwise. But the government is very strict in its application of
Goods and Services Tax and Provincial Sales Tax. In Canada, they
are 7% and 8% respectively (combined to equal 15%) The only way to
get around that is for a synagogue/church to claim status as a
religious institution and even that only saves them the federal GST
but not the Provincial PST. 

Basically True, But there are more loopholes and variances that you
can shake a stick at.

For example if the Recipient is a Status Indian (In this context
Indian = Canadian aboriginal) then there is no GST or PST charges

Reference Religious Institution being charged PST, it varies by

If the Provincial tax rate varies by the Provence of Destination.
Also within a month or so the Federal tax rate is being lowered from
7% to 6%.

In addition (And it varies by Provence) if it is being shipped to a
business and being cleared by a broker then the Provincial tax may be

So for the sake of Argument, here in Quebec where I live the current
rate is Federal 7% on the value of the article PLUS Provincial 7.5% on
the combined value of the article and the Federal sales tax (Yes tax
on tax) Which gives an effective tax rate of 15%

An article of 10 $CAN value entering Quebec would be taxed on

  • Federal tax of.70
  • Provincial tax of.80 cents
    Which gives an effective tax rate of 15%

If I lived say in Alberta
It would be.70 federal tax
And no Sales tax (Alberta has no provincial general sales tax)
Effective tax rate of 7%

British Colombia and Saskatchewan

  • Federal tax of.70
  • Provincial tax of.70 cents (7% non compounded)
    Effective tax rate of 14%

Other provinces vary and I don’t have the numbers in front of me.

Hope this helps

Please don’t generalize when discussing stuff like taxes, people do
get into trouble all too easily.


PS Also on the subject of shipping cross border a place to watch out
for is the “Customs clearing charges” they vary from Nil to a flat 5$
by Canada post to rip off amounts like the time UPS billed me over
50$ to clear a 35$ item. In my Personal opinion Post office, followed
by Fed-Ex followed by DHL and only has a last resort UPS is the way
to go when shipping into Canada, depending op speed and value /
Insurance needs.