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[Canadian Source] Jewellery giftbox

anyone help a Canadian jeweler on jewelry gift boxes?

a jeweler emailed me thisif you can sugges, I’ll email him Thanks

I have a store in Calgary, Alberta Canada. I’m Try to source
some nice jewellery giftbox and still inexpensive. Do you have
some idea for me? Love all of your email, very informative.


David S. Geller

I used to buy packaging from Prestige Pak in Montreal. They have an
excellent selection at reasonable prices. They have a new website

I have since switched to more basic packaging which I buy in Calgary
from WR Display. Their selection of Jewellery packaging is limited,
but prices are reasonable


B&D jewellers supplies
(Yvonne & Helen)
(416) 363-9339.

Please use my name, they sell all kinds of great retail boxes & ring
displays. etc’s

Gerry Lewy

I use Prestige & Fancy fine packaging, located in Montreal. They
have lovely things. Their phone number is: 514 378-8888 ext. 343.
They are at 8424 de l’Esplanade Ave. Montreal, QC. H2P 2R7 Contact me
if you need further info.

Denny Diamond


Good Morning, Have you ever looked to Stuller for gift boxes and

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold