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Canadian silver suppliers

Hi all, is there a Canadian supplier for silver sheet that is close to Rio’s pricing? Everything I have been seeing is at least 50-75% more than the landed cost from Rio it appears everyone is buying from them and then marking it up. Would like to support Canadian but dollars are dollars

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Check out Umicore. They are a refiner.

”Unicore” is the best in all of Canada!
Their original name was ”Imperial Smelting”

Gerry, on my iPhone

Does anyone else have any other suggestions as Umicore requires a copy of a passport sorry that’s not going to happen just to purchase silver

“Stupid, as stupid is”. How much silver are you looking for? Please let me help you as I have many contacts in Toronto. Give me as many details as you possibly can…OFF LINE if you wish!

My email is Of course, don’t write to me on Yom Kippur…;>(

You could try Sarbers in Vancouver.