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"For Canadians only (unless you are really bored and would like
to read on) I would like to go through the whole registration
process of acquiring a trademark, using Karat quality stamps and
all that and all that. Does anyone have experience of having gone
through “the procedure?” I would like to know things like costs,
the time and bother it takes ( maybe it is just a breeze), boards
of inquiry, trials by fire…bribes …you know, the usual.

I would appreciate anything either by general list post here or
by private e-mail.

         Thanks     Darryl


I looked into this about a year ago, but never applied for a
trademark myself because I moved to Malaysia (from Calgary). Call
Canada Weights and Measures (number is in the phone book in the
federal pages). They are responsible for the Cdn. trademarks.
They will send you all the info you need to to get one. I think
the fee is about $500. You also have to go through the process
and cost of getting your trademark designed and put on a stamping

My impression from talking to Weights and Measures is that it is
an easy process, you just apply and pay and eventually you get
your trademark.

The trademark is simply a way for the Feds to track you down if
you sell an item and falsify the quantity of gold in it ie sell
10kt but mark it 18kt. It is legally required if you sell gold or
silver and intend to mark the item karat, or make a
representation of the karat of the item. I personally view the
trademark as something help identify work that you are proud of
as your own.

I suspect some Canadian who is in the business may answer you
with more details (I am a hobbiest), but the above info is
accurate, although maybe a bit incomplete.

Good Luck.