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[Canada] Market Research

Dear fellow Orchidians,

I plan to visit Canada to conduct research on the diamond and
jewelry market. Would appreciate if anyone could provide good names
of services apartments, lodging/boarding places in cities of
Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, etc.

Names of some good reputed Attorneys would also be appreciated.
Other feedback/guidance on living/travel in Canada is required.

Thanks to all contributors in advance,

God bless you all,
Lalit Jhaveri

The cities you mentioned are great and the most expensive. I just
moved from Toronto.If you are planning on going over the summer,
check out the universities as they may have summer residences that
are avaialabe at good prices. the universities are York, University
of Toronto, and Ryerson.

There is also something called the Apartment guide. Places are
almost a pricey as NYC but you may do ok with US exchange. Try and
get a place on the subway line as you can get most places that way,
and you avoid Toronto’s traffic. Rent cars on weekends, there are
usually great specials and check out the Niagara wine country. The
Vinters in in Jordan Vineland is to die for. Also go and see the
Daniel Lesko winery.

As far as lawyers are concerned, if you want to email me privately
and let me know what kind of lawyer you are looking for. Corporate,
criminal, immigration–general business, patends, Divorce?

Good luck