Can you help me identify this tool?

I recently inherited a selection of tools. This one, I haven’t been
able to identify. I gather it’s for wax working since some of the
holes were plugged with wax. It is steel with interchangeable 'tube’
heads. I searched on Rio Grande and was unable to track down a
similar looking device. Is it to carve channels in wax?

The black washer/nut may or may not be a part of the tool - given
that it’s plastic and the threads are different, I’m assuming no, but
it was found in the same box as these items.

Any input would be appreciated. Thank you! This is my first time
posting; apologies if I’ve made an error.


It looks like a leather punch. for making various sized holes needed
in leatherwork.

It looks like the hole punch I use to make holes in leather. You use
it a lot when making belts, cuffs, or anything with a snap.

There’s a similar tool in the papercrafting industry that’s a paper
punch, but could be used for other soft materials as
well–chipboard, fabric, wax, etc. Just place it on a surface you
wouldn’t mind marring and smack it with a hammer. The different
heads punch different size holes.

Reactive Metals Studio, Inc

That’s a hole punch. I use mine for leather and canvas. I bought
mine at Michael’s.


What you have is a leather punch set.
Which would be useful to make holes in wax also.
Sold by ‘Tandy Leather’ & I am sure by many others.
(They also come in oval.)

M Chapman

This is a hole punch for leather. They may have used it for wax work
or wax for lubricating on leather.

Hi, Hilary,

Looks like a leather hole punch set to me.

Christine, up too late in Littleton MA

this looks like a leather punch or some kind of punch.

Hi, It looks like a leather punch. DONNIE

The last time I saw a very similar tool, it was for punching holes
in leather. I suppose such a tool could be used in wax as well. Of
course, I could be full of it!

Hi Hilary,

It’s a hole punch. Normally used for leather, but could be used to
punch holes in wax sheet, or most other non metal things. The
little knob is unrelated. The tips are interchangeable sized punch

In use, you set your leather strip across the endgrain of a piece of
wood (like the end of a 2x4, or 4x4) and then put the punch on top,
and smack the end of it with a rawhide mallet. It’s slower than a
hand punch, but cheaper. Also useful for saddle skirts, or large
items, where you’re trying to punch holes much farther into the
middle of a hide of leather than you can reach with a hand punch.
(Hand punches look sort of like pliers. The hinge means there’s a
limit to how far into a piece you can get. Your tool doesn’t have
that problem.)

Hope that helped.


This is a hole punch for leather. Of course, it can also be used for
punching holes in materials of similar consistency, such as paper or
flexible plastics.

In use it is placed on the piece to be punched, which rests on
something like a cutting board, and the back end is struck with a
mallet. As holes are punched the waste is pushed into the body of the
punch and, once clear of the punch head, falls out the hole in the
side of the body.

The knurled and threaded plastic ring is from some other piece of

Leather/paper/other soft material punch to be used with a hammer.

Hope this helps.
john dach

Putting on my leather worker hat.

It’s a hole punch for leather.

The black nut is not part of the tool.

You can buy them here :-

Kindest regards Charles A.

It is a hole punch for leather. I have the same set. Purchased from
tandy leather in the 1990s

Best wishes
Happy holidays

looks like a hand vise

Hi Hilary, It looks like it could be part of some sort of allset

see the attachments here:

could be something similar?

There are even larger attachments like this:

which could resemble the larger one in your picture?


Looks like a leather punch.

James at Digipod on Etsy

I’m not sure about the actual sizes of your interchangeable heads,
but it looks like what we call a hammer punch in leatherworking. If
the tips are waxed, the leather is ejected easier and the edges of
the individual punches stay sharp longer. You would use this style of
punch when needing to put a hole in leather farther from an edge than
a pliers-style punch would allow, such as in the center of a handbag
or similar item.

Sandra Graves
Isis Rising