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Can you cast a bezel?

I’m wondering if a bezel can be successfully created via lost wax
instead of fabricating and soldering it onto the cast piece. It
seems like casting might work OK for something like an odd-shaped
and/or irregular-height stone. Thoughts?? Experiences?? Thanks!


Yes you can cast sterling silver bezels for different stones and
figures. use at least a 22 or 20 gage wax sheet to cut your design
out of… One critical thing is this.

Make proper sprues to the critical areas of the part and run several
sprues to your part so the metal will get to all of the item you are
making. I make bezels for some Crazy lace agate cabs out of 20 ga.
flat green wax and I use a three layer masking tape around the cab
outside edge to take care of the shring the metal has when it is

I aleo paint with a artist brush some synlu3e 531 release agent at
two times and then when I am finished withe runing the bezel around
the bottom base the wax will come off of the agate easy…

Yours. Billy S. Bates

You can carve a bezel or use sheet wax to create one. I’ve done it
a number of times with good results. One caveat though…if you use
sheet wax watch out for finger prints and be careful when you
"solder" the parts together. Too much heat and you no longer have a