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Can I borrow your Swiss Torch?

This is Ed Howard at G-TEC Natural Gas Systems and I am wondering if someone would be able to loan me their Swiss Torch with the long melting head - fuel and oxygen version, not the fuel compressed air head.

I have someone interested in using this torch with high pressure natural gas and while we match our Torch Boosters with the gas consumption of the torches being used I have no experience with this head and no idea how much gas it uses. I would like to borrow one to run with my flow meter and measure gas consumption.

If you would be willing to lend this torch and head to me I’d only need it for a day and of course would cover all shipping costs.

If you can help please contact me off-line at ehoward

Thanks in advance!

Ed Howard
G-TEC Natural Gas Systems
Office 1-800-451-8294
Cell 716-490-1766