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Can i be proud?

I started this thread on August 4th about a half hour before I took
the trash out. Once I stepped out the back door I had my first
introduction (at age 60+) to solo flight. A garden hose that was not
supposed to be where it was launched be into the air. It was not a
soft landing. I immediately had to look at my right wrist. Then I had
to lie down or I was going to throw up, or pass out, or both. I heard
the girl downstairs so I banged on her window yelling help. When she
saw my hand she was like a deer in headlights. I finally got her to
dial 911. Then she called my husband. Third before I totally lost it,
she called a good friend of mine who was at work. Mary happens to be
the head nurse in the ER at the local hospital. As soon as the
paramedics arrived the girl downstairs disappeared. Then Jessica my
apprentice arrived. If you have a good apprentice, they are worth
their weight in gold.

Jessica stayed with me the whole time. I was lucky because the
Orthopedic Doc was just finishing a surgery right as I got to the
hospital. He had a break before his next one. Through my free Danish
language lessons, and various sound effects they got one xray, and
cut off my favorite T-shirt.

After that a gas mask and nothing. Jessica was there and took over.
She kept my husband informed and held my left hand once I was out of

Well the two summers I have been teaching her have been worth every
minute of it. She Took over my Stage at the festival Sat night. I was
by her elbow telling the jokes and history as usual. I may have
turned my wrist into a boomerang, but my mouth was unaffected.
Jessica did great.

My advice to everyone. get a good apprentice. Share the knowledge.
You never know when you will need that person. now if I could just
figure out how to get my bra on with one hand.

Aggie the old and incapacitated

Heal well and soon Agnes!

Oh, and does this mean an end to your circus juggling act?

-Jo Haemer


What a story and what an impact on several people. I wish you happy
and fast healing with no long term ill effects. How long before the
cast is removed? Send me your address off line and I will send you a
funny card. Best, MA

Aggie, you are a national treasure! I wish I could have been your
apprentice! Hope you heal quickly.