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Can anyone identify this bracelet?

Hi all,

My friend inherited this bracelet. It is made up of silver pins
and…bars for lack of a better term. I have enclosed 2 photos -
front and back. The whole bracelet is flat and is about a half an
inch wide. Can any one tell me who makes this stuff? We think it is
about 40-50 years old, from NY. I think it is just awesome. There was
no mark on it other than .925.

Thanks so much
Mary Barker

Have seen this style coming out of Mexico.

Hi Mary

I’ve seen this type of bracelet a lot. I saw a ton of similar styles
in Mexico, and I have a couple of them hiding in my studio. It seems
to be a popular Mexican design, and I’ve seen cleaner, sleeker
versions from Thailand. Very wearable. As long it is in good shape
and clasp works, give it a good tumble to make it shiny.


Hi Mary

Looks like a fancy link gate bracelet, you can still get them but
modern ones don’t tend to be as substantial. Don’t know if they’re
common in the US though.