Camera for Pave

I figured that to take extremely close-up videos, I gotta buy a
high-end camera. The issues I’ve been having with time delay with
sound & video are now a thing of the past!!! I mentioned my problem to
my salesperson, he said it WAS my antique 4 year old camera. I took
the initiative and bought a Canon G16. It has all the bells,
whistles, & a few horns so my Pave with Bright-Cutting will be good
for you.

Photography is changing as fast as computers, if not faster!..I’m
going to experiment before making & posting any new video. Gerry!

Gerald, again, we are all in your debt for the you are
sharing with us.

Thank you.

Dear Eleanor Phillips, & all!

It’s a real sin to keep all of our trade secret. If we
did, how could anyone in the next generation learn? Another tradesman
asked me yesterday, why don’t I charge for my setting I
answered why should I? If I can help one or even a few of you, on
Orchid, that is my payment! I invested in a new camera last week, a
"Canon G16" just to get me to make ‘better’ videos.

The last few videos are the proof & with much more interesting
close-ups! Gerry

Hi Gerry,

I really am going to come back to you for your opening sentence, do
you really think that financially7 valuable, as in 10’s of thousands
of dollars trade secrets should be freely given away? If you do then
Im happy to be the biggest sinner here on Ganoxin.

As to your second sentence, well, my answer is as follows.

If its been done before then it can be done again., IF your good
enough to find the way.

To give you just one example.

Im a silversmith, my work is wrought tho I can fabricate, and also
cast silver scrap into sheet and rod to make wire., But all my main
work is wrought as in large, as in 18in dia and up to 1/4in thick
bowls and dishes in silver, bronze and titanium. These are highly
sought after, and sell for serious money.

How I do make them?
Am never saying, hope you follow.


Dear Gerry,

Hats off to you, yes we all believe “Knowledge shared is Knowledge
gained” if every other person decides to keep his or her working
methods a secret there will be knowledge passed down.

i have saved and shared your notes with my team, and believe me they
even after years of experience on the job, have learnt something new.

I salute you from my heart for this treasure shared.

Warm Regards,

Hi Gerry,

As you have troubled to reply it would not be honerable of me, not
to respond.

We do need to look at this closer.

Now Ganoksin is really a bench jewellers forum.

As such, what you are helping with, are bench jewellers problems,
and teaching that kind of work. which is fair enough.

However theres the other type of working which is quite different.
as in my case im actually a manufacturing silversmith, using all the
techniques available to the UK Birmingham jewellery manufacturing

To give you another example, I mint lots of buttons mainly in

love making them, but there in the dozens not singy. Bangles by at
least 20 off in a day and I have at least 40 different designs.

so being a single handed worker I have to make fast, efficently,
which leads to profitability. tho thats not the object, I love making
beautiful things, no matter what it is.

As to marketing, well, i was selling in markets for 16 yrs on a
weekly basis.

My principle? make what I like, if it sells make some more.!!.

With a family to keep and everything else, got to get a move on.!!
then into big events at the top of the game here in the UK and by
sponsorship througought Europe during the 1990’s all to do with the
fully transportable mint that needs a proper sized 10 ton truck in
which to move the 3.5tons of equipment, plus a caravan, you call
then trailers>? up the back. “a right big road train” If you have
moment google for Ted Frater bronzesmith and minter. Read my cv. I
hope you enjoy.

How I came to aquire a fully equiped 1889 jewelly makers minters
workshop in 1987 is another story! Now to be a bit more serious, in
the commercial world, businesses like for example My metal supplier.
Johnson Matthey in Hatton garden. London. a wonderful old established
co. with all the tech support for their gold, silver platinum metals
plus all their brazing alloys plus all their fluxes for our use plus
all of the industrial brazing alloys,. their fluxes are superb, with
all the temp ranges soluability data you could wish for. BUT the
formulae? NO way, thats a trade secret and rightly, like mine is kept
for commercial reasons. after all their in competition with Degussa a
in Germany and Eutectic in Switzerland who also keep formulae secret.

Im in competition with the painters sculptors and other applied art
makers. One needs to be really different to succeed.

Another example is M/soft who licence their s/ware and keep their
source code SECRET!! When you have a commercial advantage one has
spent a long time developing does one just give it away to someone
who would profit from it without any similar effort? come on! do you
still think what I keep to myself then is a sin? More power to your
elbow keeping this trade alive via your teaching.


Ted, to me sharing is not the same as giving. And if we don’t share
knowledge, we are poorer for it. That does not mean we have to share
absolutely every little detail about every process. We can however
start people on the path and point them to other masters without
telling them of our own individual experience. Two kinds of teachers,
that is. And the people who are learning (includes all of us) still
have to do it themselves when down to the nitty gritty.