Calming effect

I have now one more day before my surgery (3rd, in 4 years) so I
figured I had some time to myself. what did I do? I went to my bench
& created 3 more designs for my jewellery line.

I had many wax impressions cast 3 months ago of “odds 'n ends”. I
always go through the casters sample-line & let my mind wander. I’m
not copying, but directing my focus on how I can re-arrange these
plain boring forms, but very tastefully.

‘Out of one pattern, can become many’. By looking at a good wax-form,
it starts yelling at me…“use me, use me!”.:>) I would be totally
depressed if I had to give up my bench, I find this so-o calming! Do
other folks on Orchid feel the same way?..Gerry Lewy

yes!..a good session in my studio = a good night’s sleep.


Gerry, I am so sorry you will be undergoing yet another surgery.
However, once that is over, you will be back at your bench and
teaching, and all will be well again. Yes, you are so right about
the calmingeffect of working at ones bench. I send you my best
wishes for a very speedy recovery. Alma

Yes, it is the one pkace I find peace, no matter what else is
happening away from it.

I have an old high school friend, an art major, that told me to draw
an imaginary circle around my work area/bench. When I step inside
it, leave the stress and worries outside it.

It calms me and erases my worries…at least temporarily!

I hope that everything goes well with your surgery Gerry. Heal fast
and I look forward to reading more of your post in the near future.

James Dailing

Hi all

It’s now 3:00 a. m. and starting my slow proces of recovering from
foot surgery. When my pain-reducing pills wear off I’m woken up to
take more… Then I open up my “Tablet” and read my Orchid. This is
my therapy, no one outside of my immediate world would appreciate
the need of reading such forums.

So why do I? I see so many new & active benches being used. This
also the new galleries of creations. By the time I finish my Orchid
daily readings, the new batch of pain reducings pills are just
starting. I got 2 weeks of laying flat & foot raised 24/7.

On a brighter note, this is my 3rd major surgery in 4 years. Nothing
slows us jewellers/setters down. I just can’t wait to sit at my
bench again, we have gold in our veins, not blood…:slight_smile:

Thank G-d for Orchid, laying flat isn’t easy to write,…22 minutes
to write this letter, but it’s worth it. fond regards to everyone!

From AJ Reese

Gerry, I wish you the speediest of recoveries. I hope that this
isn’t a diabetes-related injury to your foot --so many of us have

I love reading about the techniques in Orchid, even if I don’t
practice them. I love weaving, woodwork, and robotics. These days,
the programming/robotics wins out on my free time.

God speed and good luck to you.

Jill Reese

From Monica Gennaro

Hello Gerry, wish you a speedy recovery, the BENCH is waiting for
you. Monica

From umesh chavan

Dear Gerry, Take care of yourself. I know what you are saying you
are a brave man.Warm Regards umesh

From Elaine Luther

Thank goodness it’s your foot and not your hands, so you can still
set! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

From Richard Hart

Speedy recovery Gerry! Since our body is our main " tool", take good
care of it during your recovery. Mazel tov!

From Donna Williams

Best wishes for a speedy and smooth recovery, Gerry.

Hang in there Gerry, you know it gets better. In a sitting position,
I used a beard board to support some of my tools, and made little
things I needed to use on bigger pieces. Surprising how those little
things like making ear wires and such can back up. I caught up on all
my little stuff while my new knee decided if it liked me.

Also I find metal smithing/jewelry making very calming. my motto for
decades has been, “A hanner, an anvil, and a blow torch are better
than Prozac for teenagers!”


To Jill Reese, et all!

This little episode in my life is not a Diabetic problem. It’s due
to Osteo-Arthritis, but this all makes us a little humbled at how our
bodies work.

I call this…“Maintenance surgery” or simply “body-shop
repairs”…;>) To my many other well wishers…“luvya all!” Try Googling
this on lots of great reading. Gerry!

Wishing you a swift recovery.

Kind regards,