Calling and say thanks

Dear All

I find the nicest thing I can give to my tradespeople is to
telephone them unannounced & say a simple “thanks”. Many of them
never expect it from other clients, but me!! When an opportunity
arises, if I see it fitting to say something, I’ll do it. It warms
them & keeps our business relationship alive. It’s a good habit to
get into.

Many times they’ll do more favours for me because of it, too! Money
isn’t everything, but a simple “hi"or"thanks” is more important than
the dollar.

Gerry Lewy

I agree, good practice


Gerry- Great policy.

We keep a stash of fancy Vosges chocolate bars on hand and give or
send them to our trade folks as well as to sales people who sell our

When our pieces are in a store with many other’s lovely work the
sales people remember kindnesses and tend to concentrate on selling
goods from folks they like.

Who doesn’t love chocolate, fine coffee, or a fruit basket.

Positive reinforcement works like a charm.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer

Gerry, you are right. Sometimes just a nice “thank you” can make all
the difference. It can make a grim day of dealing with blunt phone
operators, delayed shipments, and rude clients much easier to deal
with. And thank you for mentioning it. El

I may not choose to use the phone to say thanks—I might send an
email or a snail mail. I DO try to make a point of thanking people
when they do an excellent job----at whatever it may be. I notice that
we tend to be quick to complain, or point out faults----I try to be
quick to point out things that are well done. When my kids were
little, and I was going a bit crazy about their bickering, messes,
misbehavior, etc., the pediatrician suggested, “Catch them being
good”. It is a good general practice for all of life----watch for the
good moments, and relish them.

Cynthia Eid

Hello Orchidland,

Two thoughts here. First, let me encourage you to look back at your
life and recall those individuals who made a difference for you.
Perhaps a teacher, neighbor, friend. you know who they are. Then if
they are alive, write each one a brief thank you note that tells how
that person made your life better. If no longer among the living,
send that note to a surviving spouse or family member.

Let me tell you, that note will be treasured.

Second, I always enjoyed the ‘Dum Dum’ lollypop Stuller included in
the package with my order. A modest but effective way to express
thanks for the order.

Judy in Kansas, where the moles are very busy in the back yard.
Gotta’ watch how you step.