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Call for silent Auction Donations for Tucson 04

Hi All,

Tucson is coming. And the Orchid Dinner. At the dinner there is
silent auction to raise funds for the project (remember it costs
$40,000 a year in server fees alone to keep the project going). This
is a request for silent auction items for the Orchid dinner (last
year over 250 people attended). If you have something to contribute
to the auction please email the details (your name, description of
object or service, size, value etc) to be sent to the attention of
Carol Berger Taylor at and mail the item to
arrive by January 20th to:

	3000 E. Broadway
	Tucson, AZ 85716
	520 795 0086

Here is the dinner and registration page:

Looking forwards to seeing you at Tucson/Orchid 2004!!!

best, Charles

Charles Lewton-Brain/Brain Press
Box 1624, Ste M, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2L7, Canada
Tel: 403-263-3955 Fax: 403-283-9053 Email: @Charles_Lewton-Brai1