[Call for] More consignment

I posted about 5-6 months ago looking for consignment artists for my
gallery. I engaged in agreements with 2 artists and their work is
selling well. I believe we are all pleased. I must admit that
getting payments to Chile has had it’s hiccups and we are working on
direct bank payments next to make it a smoother process.

I am now looking for at least 2 more artists, working in silver, and
white gold to join the gallery on consignment. (I just got back from
JA New York and you would think that there is no such thing as white
metal anymore. Everyone seemed to be working in 18k - 22k - 24k
yellow gold).

I want to thank all the jewellery artists who have submitted their
work for consideration in the past and ask that even if you sent
forth photos previously, please consider us again as we are always
wanting to update the look of the gallery. Have a look at my website
to get an idea of Gallery Gemma Inc. in Canada and see if it appeals
to you. Thanks for your consideration and I look forward to hearing
from you at @Anne-Marie_Warburton

Anne-Marie Warburton