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Call For Mokume Gane Images

I am in the process of preparing a lecture on The State of Mokume
Gane in the West, to be presented at Tokyo University in May. I am
seeking images (either 35mm slides, color photos, or digital jpeg’s)
for possible inclusion in the presentation. If you are creating
interesting or innovative metalwork utilizing mokume gane, pleas send
me 3 - 5 images. I would also be interested in photos of your
studio, of you working, and or any specialized equipment that you use
for your mokume work. Email images and other details to:

or send slides, photos, or digital files (on Mac formated disk) to:
Steve Midgett Earthshine Mokume Inc 447 Louisa Chapel Rd. Franklin, NC

Be sure to include adequate identification of work, artist, and
photographer. Also note if I have permission to use the image in
future books or publications.

Thanks!! Steve