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[Call for Entries] SNAG Conference Demonstrators

2008 SNAG Conference
"Diverse Solutions in a Global Environment"
March 5-8, 2008
Savannah, Georgia

SNAG is seeking volunteers to do demonstrations during the
conference session breaks. Four 20 minute and three 45 minute times
are available.

Please do consider doing a demonstration at SNAG, special treats for

Bench, some tools and equipment if needed will be made available
from the Savannah College of Art and Design’s Metals and Jewelry

For anyone wanting more about Savannah, GA. and the
Savannah College of Art and Design here are some websites to look

Savannah College of Art and Design

Great photographs of Savannah and the area

Savannah Information

Places the locals know about

The Savannah Morning News

Any interested conference attendees should contact Roger Bowersox, by
E-mail at or phone at 912-525-8460

Thank You and HAVE FUN

Hi, Roger,

What kinds of demonstrations are you looking for? I’d be interested,
if you want me. I could create a landscape on a piece of (anodized)
titanium, as per my signature style