[Call for Entries] MAG 2067- Crafting the Future

The Metal Arts Guild of Canada celebrated its 60th anniversary in
2007 and we wondered what it would be like to look 60 years into the
future. As no one has a crystal ball we decided to give you several
possible options of what Canada would be like in 2067. Did you know
that in the year 2067 Canada is celebrating its bicentennial? It
seems so far away but what changes to our economy, lifestyle and
environment would affect our day to day living. How would the Metal
Arts Guild have changed, evolved? For the call for entry we have
developed five (5) possible timelines of the future in Canada in
2067. We invite you to pick one or two different scenarios and submit
a piece or pieces, for each of the possible futures containing a
significant amount of metal, but not excluding pearls,
glass, etc., reflecting the theme and send the work along with an
accompanying essay, 150 words or less, to explain your
interpretation. The competition is open to all Metal Arts Guild of
Canada members in good standing, both professional and student
members. Each entry will be judged on its craftsmanship, design and
responsiveness to the theme.

Submission requirements, essays and procedures available on-line at
www.metalartsguild.ca under SHOW 2009

Deadline for entries: Friday, 5:00 PM, Oct 9th, 2009

Entry fee: $35.00

Exhibition: Oct 31st to Nov 19th, 2009 - Arta Gallery, Distillery
District, 55 Mill St, Toronto

Opening reception and costume party - Sat Nov 7th, 2009 from 5:00 to

For more please contact Cheryl Fraser at: [show at
metalartsguild dot ca]

Sara Cummins
Metal Arts Guild of Canada