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[Call for Entries] Kiln-worked glass & Metal clay

I=92ve been invited to teach a weeklong session, Enhance your Glass,
at the Corning Studio, Corning, NY, this August with a primary focus
on combining kiln-worked glass and metal clay. One of the
presentations I propose to deliver will feature slides of the most
innovative ways to embellish warm- and hot-glass creations and turn
them into finished pieces of jewelry. Many Corning students are old
hands at glass work, but I want to introduce them to as many
different ways of finishing their glass as possible, so I=92d like to
include flame working, stringing, wire work, traditional metal
settings, metal clay, and any other method you=92ve developed.

Slides that are chosen will be presented during the week at Corning;
your work and your name will be shown to many glass artists. The
presentation will be preserved as a CD-Rom catalog that will be made
available to Corning students and faculty, the Rakow Research
Library at Corning, and distributed internationally. If your slides
are accepted, you will receive a complimentary copy.

For more
email Martha Sayers,