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California/Bay Area visit


I am planning on taking a trip to Vegas to see the inlaws in
February and we will be driving to the Bay area for a few days
while we are at it. I would appreciate any ideas of things we
have to see and do while there. Last visit I had very little
money and saw very little. This time we are hoping to see good
art and eat some great vegetarian food. any ideas would be
appreciated. If the info is too specific to be of interest to
the list please E-mail me directly via my cool new cable
modem(couldn’t help but brag) now this is really surfing…


Karen go by quartzsite , you wont be sorry.

I lived in SF for a few years and have my favorite places. The
Japanese tea garden and the art museum in Golden Gate Park (very
near each other), brunch in one of the outdoor cafes in the
Marina district, and a walk/meditation along the cliffs at Seal
Rock, watching the fog roll in. Ah - wish I were going with
you!!! It’s such a wonderful city you can always find something
to do. Enjoy!!! Gini

  • You can also go to Fort Point & Alcatraz, also in the area, a
    nice hike if the weather permits.


Hello Karen If you like art or GOLD visit the Oakland Museum.
Starting Jan 24th they will have one of the largest gold and
mining displays. It will be there to honor the 150th anniversary
of the 49ers (beeting Green Bay) in California. Santa Cruz for
Veggie Adrian Allgem

It’s Gini again. Just thought of another place or two. There
is a wonderful little bar in North Beach called Vesuvio’s. Old
beatnik place and full of atmosphere - I got engaged there!!!
Next door in the City Lights bookstore. Also ancient and full of
writings by the likes of Allen Ginsburg, Abe Burrows, Jack
Kerouac, and owned by Lawrence Ferlinghetti - my very favorite
of the beat poets…even tho they were a little before my time.
Have Fun!!! Gini

      It will be there to honor the 150th anniversary  of the
49ers (beeting Green Bay) in California 

Not a chance, those “fourty-whiners” will be at home watching
the super-bowl with the rest of us.