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Calibrated Jamb Peg faceting machine

I saw your note [in the orchid archives] that you couldn’t make
contact regarding my Calibrated Jamb Peg faceting machine. Heart
problems forced me into unwanted retirement five years ago, but I
still fool around with Ebay and Yahoo. Please know that I’ve just
posted some auctions regarding my CJP all-metal assembly kit (you
assemble the faceting head in about a half-hour and lash it to a
horizontal power system.) I also have an inexpensive CD-ROm program
that teaches jamb pegging and how to make your own wood jamb peg. If
you can’t find them at Yahoo, I have a number of Ebay auctions under
"jerwyk" as well as an Ebay Storefront that lists all of my programs,
including the jamb peg titles. Just thought you’d like to know.

You have a nice looking site: I wish you well with it.

Gerald “Jerry” Wykoff GG CSM Phd