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Calgon as cleaner

We were a little late in joining orchid and we would appreciate
more advice about the method of using calgon as an emergency
cleaner for items as mentioned within much earlier messages.
Please John Burgess or anyone else out there tell us how the whole
operation works, we look forward to your response and your
assistance with our query. Heather Casey of Lyncre Pty Ltd.

What John suggested was washing soda. I remembered hearing
something about using Calgon and didn’t know what washing soda was
so I tried Calgon. Have since discovered Arm & Hammer Super
Washing Soda at the grocery. Seems to be basically the same
ingredients. I put about 2 TBS Calgon in a soup bowl of hot water,
crunch up a piece of 2" square foil and add the piece. Wait about
three min and rinse well. Be careful with soft stones, especially
amber! Max of a minute and rinse. Just cleaned all my stock
after a rainy week end show, but used a bigger container than a
soup bowl. Won’t remove tarnish from brass, but will clean up
finger prints and general grime from an outdoor show. You need to
dry the piece, but still much easier than buffing or hand polishing
if you’re not lucky enough to own a steamer.

ICQ # 9472643
Bacliff, Texas Gulf Coast USA

Seems to be the same principle as the “Silver Magic” cleaner in
the Rio Grande catalog

Seems to be the same principle as the "Silver Magic" cleaner in
the Rio Grande catalog

oked this one up in the catalog. Sure does seem to be the same
principle, but a lot cheaper. BTW, while it does clean brass
up very nicely, it also tarnished again very quickly! I don’t
recommend it for brass/copper. But my silver didn’t tarnish this
week-end even though I was at a rainy outdoor show.

ICQ # 9472643
Bacliff, Texas Gulf Coast USA