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Calculating baguettes

Does anyone have a good rule of thumb for calculating the number of
tappered/straight baguettes? I have a freeform design that needs
baguettes flowing around an “L” shaped curve with varying lengths.


Randall: Baguettes like all diamonds are individuals. The best way to
fit a channel of baguettes is to cast the piece and then take it too
your local stone dealer and have them pull the stones to your specs. I
always pull the stones myself as I do not trust the dealers to do it
accurately. I like my baguettes to be exactly .1mm longer that the
channel is wide. Sometimes I have to go several places to get all the
stones in the sizes and shapes that I need. Sometimes when I can’t
find exactly what I need I cut the seats and place the stones in place
, holding them in with a little Play doe. After the play doe hardens
in ship the whole piece to a diamond cutter and have the last two or
three stones cut to fit. This way the stones are an exact fit for the
spaces. Anyway it is always a puzzle and a very definite challenge.
Also I always sort my stones by length in a series of small cups in
.1mm increments. (i use the plastic tray container that little quiches
from Marie’s come in) Good Luck,

Frank Goss