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Cain Park show


I just returned from Cleveland, where I took part in the Cain Park
show for the first time. It was over 90 and very very very humid (I
swear I never sweated so much in my whole life) but the staff are
astonishingly helpful-- scores of cheerful and willing young helpers
who actually come by at least once an hour and ask if you need
anything! I had my personal best show, including selling the chair
that is pictured on my ganoksin page ( ) which is a reversible
pendant, earrings, pin and box.

So I needed to share this triunph with all you good folks! Hope I
can get back in next year.



Congratulations Noel - What a wonderful feeling to sell lots,
especially your very special piece.

Makes all the work and “sweat” worthwhile. Of course they will let
you and your wonderful jewelry in again next year! I don’t do shows
anymore, but well I remember the high after a good one.



Your work is absolutely stunning Noel and I really admire your
resolve - working on a piece for over a year. Congatulations on a
much deserved sale!!!