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CAD seminar in NYC

The Jewelry Design Professionals’ Network is holding a meeting about
digital design on Thursday, August 17 in New York City. On behalf of
the JDPN, I would like to invite all Orchid members to the Fashion
Institute of Technology (Seventh Avenue at 27th Street, NYC), Room
D331. The meeting should start at 6:30 pm and we will have two
featured speakers, both with extensive knowledge and experience in the
field of CAD jewelry technology. Dominic Ventura teaches at FIT and
also works for Michael Anthony Jewlers, Inc. Kim Nelson designs for
Carven French and was introduced to CAD while working at Stuller. There
is a $10.00 fee for non-JDPN members. It is recommended that you RSVP
Dana Tinsley-Buscaglia at (212) 734- 5939 so we can have some idea of
how many poeople will attend. Please check out the website at www. with any questions or comments you might have. I personally
think this is a great organization to join because the members are
very friendly and helpful and really make you feel welcome. We have
members in all parts of the US and would love some international
members. Our newsletter is now going out in digital format and is
loaded with for jewelers no matter where they live, so I
encourage anyone reading this post to seriously consider joining the
JDPN.- Juliet Gamarci (@julietg1)

Dear Juliet We would be happy to accept your invitation to Thursdays
seminar as an Orchid member. We are interested in joining the JDPN
and would like more on your services and products as well
as fee requirements to join the JDPN. M2 Systems will be sending one
representative, Pam Zellers, our artistic director and software
trainer. Thank you again for the invitation. Sincerely Pam Zellers