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CAD Preview Image exe

Dear Orchid members,

I have previously been using CADPreviewImage.exe to view thumbnails
of my Rhino files in Windows XP on my computer. Since installing
Rhino 4.0, I find that the viewer no longer seems to work properly
on my home computer. I often get a completely black box in the
thumbnail view, or it shows completely the wrong image.

At work, because of the large files that I deal with, I have 64bit
Windows. On that the image viewer seems to work for jpeg and bitmap
files only. I get no thunmbnail previews for Rhino files at all.

Has anyone else experienced these problems? Does anyone know of a
better preview image download that works with Rhino 4.0 ? Any


I have no experience with cadpreviewimage.exe - it could be that
it’s not XP friendly, but that’s unlikely. It could be something
deeper, but there’s a good chance that your file associations are
mixed up, which happens when you install things. Programs are all
the time doing battle over associations. There’s a few ways, but the
easy way is to go into explorer (or my computer, if you use that),
find a rhino format file, RIGHT click it and a context menu will pop
up. Select “open with…” and in the option box select
cadpreviewimage.exe and also check the box that says “always use
this program to open this type of file”. This should/might fix the
problem, but it also means that if you double click the file name,
cadpreviewimage.exe will open the file instead of rhino. Also
perhaps XP doesn’t know to use rhino for thumbnails, so you could
try the same thing but select rhino.exe. This may not fix your
problem - thumbnails are the “first frame” of a file, unless you
assign an icon, and sometimes the first frame is blank. It’s pretty
standard troubleshooting, though.

Hi JP,

Here is a free plugin that does the same thing called Rhino Preview

If you’re already running this version and it’s still not working
you could

possibly be missing the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable
files, or yours are corrupted in some way.

I’m just a guy who uses CAD to design jewelry. I know just about
enough of this OS compatibility stuff to be dangerous, so proceed at
your own risk! :–)

All I can tell you for sure is that Rhino Preview Image works
flawlessly on all my PC’s running XP (with the latest updates for

On a related note, Internet Explorer 7 was playing some havoc with
MoI, on certain configurations of XP, but Michael Gibson quickly made
a patch to to fix it and now all is well between MoI and IE 7.