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CAD Monarch software

I’ve noticed, and it has come to the attention of the developer,
that misrelative to the hot new Monarch CAD software has
been posted on this forum. One post by a fellow who claims to own the
software seems to be bogus, as the developer never heard of him.

I wish to tell you that this new Monarch CAD Software is the most
advanced available today and deserves a very close look. Our agents
around the world are thrilled by this innovative new product.

The amazingly thorough training set-up is outstanding!

Call John at 800-537-8346, or for solid

Best wishes,
Bill Mull
Zero-D Products, Inc.
precision engineered materials solutions

I wish to tell you that this new Monarch CAD Software is the most
advanced available today and deserves a very close look. Our agents
around the world are thrilled by this innovative new product.


This is not a sales pitch! IM NOT REPRESENTING ANYONE or ANY

About 3 months ago now, I was finalizing my decision to purchase a
CAD program. Wrote in this forum, several times. Only got responses
directly from 3Design and a guy that used to work for Matrix. The day
prior to attending a training class for 3Design in LA, I got a call
from Monarch. At this point, I was skeptical about this new program
since hardly anyone in this forum has actually used it. It was in
this forum, that somebody had mentioned Monarch.

Prior to making my final purchase, first, I got a demo from Nick
(3Design). Showed the guy a ring that I wanted him to make in front
of me. His response was “I’m not here to make your jewelry.” You will
learn everything during the 4 day training class" he assured me. What
followed was a series of pre-made tutorial video demos, which the guy
was pretending to do the designs right in front of me. Magically, at
a click of a button, the render was finished in less than a second.
Someone with a basic IQ would realize that something smelled fishy.
The worst thing was the guy that I did the demo with got mad at me
for wanting to schedule the training class in LA instead of Toronto.
I live in Vancouver, BC, why would I get support from a different
time zone? I also noticed several responses in this forum, which
caught my attention. Notice that some responses favouring 3Design
were made by users that have only responded once, with names
sometimes mispelled or not matching the email names. Searching the
names within Ganoskin and the Internet would generate only one entry,
for example, try typing in “Tony Nowles” in Ganoskin (2007 entries)
or in Google even. Something’s wrong! Notice the mispelled url
address in that particular email as well. If there’s a real Tony
Nowles out there, please contact me!!! I apologize in advance if I am
wrong! There are several entries like this in this forum. Investigate
and see for yourself!

Also, something that I’ve realized, is that there is no way that
someone can possibly learn CAD in 4 days, no matter how high your IQ
is or how much previous CAD experience you have. Remember, they are
charging anywhere from $1000 - $2500 for these 4 day classes. What do
you truly expect to learn in such a short time? This goes for any of
these programs.

I truly feel that the folks at Monarch have got it right! They tell
you straight up, that to be successful in CAD you need proper
training. No “magical” 4 day classes and you will learn everything
crap, milking you along the way! That’s why they offer lengthy
courses from 1 to 2 months three times a week. Just get a demo from
them to see for yourself!!!

I’m about a month into their training now, and let me tell you that
I’m really happy with the classes and the designs that I’ve made
using their program. It’s also a true hybrid modeler, unlike what
other softwar programs claim to be.

Listen, DON’T FALL FOR THE “Our program is soooooo easy to use” CRAP
that’s out there!

I’d like to hear your experience, good or bad! Opposition is


6 years ago I was completely computer illiterate. I was afraid that
if I turned on the computer I would erase everything! My husband,
Jim, was a manufacturing software (SAP) consultant and insisted that
I bring my jewelry business to the 21st century, or at least be
aware of it. So I started on a quest of computer courses and new
software. After having taken a number of basic training classes,
actually buying software and a new computer, I was able to send
E-mail, do appraisals and do spread sheets on Excel. Next step Quick
Books. I bought the software, it sat for a year and a half. I bought
the upgrade, this time I took the course. Two intense structured days
only to find out all the things I wanted to do for my business were
in the Manufacturing upgrade. I bought that too, and advanced
training CD’s and they sat for another year. God computers scare me.

In 2006 Michele Cavallo of Monarch Software and Training approached
me about their program. Oh if only I could do that. Designing on the
computer was a dream to aspire to. Jim thought it was a wonderful
idea and we would work to fulfill that dream. Overcome fears, pay off
debt, prepare me for the big leap to my future. He also believed in
the right software for the job, so we also started to research other
products. I told Michele to keep me in mind, I really wanted to do

On January 16, 2007 Jim died of cardiac arrest. I had to do
something quick. So, I called Michele, we discussed the software and
John Cavallo showed me a demo. Wow, this looked like something even I
could do. Within a couple of weeks a got my computer upgraded and
loaded. Then I started taking classes. Not a two or three day
info-dump. Real classes, three days a week, and it was like being in
a foreign language intensive. At first my head hurt, John was
patient. I made jokes to ease the stress, John was patient. I asked
questions over and over, John was patient. I made phone calls for
help, John was patient. I e-mailed little notes for help, John was
patient. And the light bulb in my head started to go on. *I CAN DO
THIS! * I showed John my work, he was proud. And I have just
scratched the surface. I know I can continue to grow into this
software. I truly do believe there is *no *limit to it’s capability
for designing, other than the designer’s imagination.

My customers love the idea of computer design, they love the 3-D
imaging, the ability to make changes quickly and to have a photo. My
caster is impressed with the program and complimented me on my files.
Imagine that, a software that I am actually using and making money. I
love these people. Thanks to them I see myself continuing to do what
I love at a time when everything could have totally fallen apart for

Mia Nolan,
Midas Memories