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CAD & India

Thank u all Rhino artists, I=92ve received here beautiful
encouragements to study Rhino, and also to wait with Matrix for the
time being,

It is another field one has to master [at least to a point=85]

Traditionally jewelers used to master a certain technique, some are
fabricating parts, other sets the stones, and one is just sitting
there, with the scale on his desk, and talking to the rich
customers=85 he=92s the boss.

At the back boys are cleaning stuff, pulling wire, and tendering the
char coal kiln.

The customers, burdened from the weight of their gold, are looking
through jewelry magazines from the gulf to choose their design [I buy my little diamonds at such a place]

How can we manage alone; to keep a business, to know well the
different aspects of our art-craft=85and still find the space for the
rest of life? Does all this fancy technology will give the break=85?
Some times it seems to me like a snow ball, rolling from one
expansive tool, to another much more expansive,

Or maybe I just lived in India for too many years.

Love & Light