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CAD Illustrations

Hi all, I have just set up a web site offering a Free CAD design and
illustration service to the trade. I use Rhino3 for Designing and
Cinema4d for rendering. I would appreciate any advise on the
developement of my site. Also I can offer some limited free help and
support with Rhino and Cinema4d. Is there a thread for these
programs already? I am new to this site but already have found many
useful tips.

Keith Reffell FGA

Hi Keith,

I looked at your website. It is interesting and hold good promise.

I might suggest not using Lycos and trying to get your own website
if at all possible. The advertising on lycos is iritating and I find
that I always get a lot of spam and pop-ups after I view lycos
webpages so I avoid them like the plague.

The page loads slowly so it is likely that the picture files are too
large. Try reducing them in size so they load quickly. A good
shareware or even freeware graphics program will do that easily.
They can be found at and do not have to cost
anything to start with. It is also a nice feature to be able to
click on jpegs to enlarge them if people want to see detail.

the learning curve for some of these tricks is steep but worth
pursuing it in the end. Good luck with your site and hopefully you
will get and retain many customers through the site

Peter P.