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Cad design

Hi all, I am looking for someone to do a CAD design from a drawing.
Also, if the client approves, to build the wax and cast the piece,
possibly even set some melee. Had a prospective client come in with a
picture - only she wants everything changed! Mostly to use some stones
she already has. the pic is a mass manufactured piece in two-tone
14k. The finished piece will only vaguely resemble the inspiration
piece when completed. Please send cost of design time should the
client opt out. She apparently prefers that slick manufactured look to
my more handmade-original look. Respond off list please. Thanks,

Mark Thomas Ruby
SunSpirit Designs
Loveland, CO
970 669-7075

Hi Mark,

I’d be happy to take a crack at the design. I do CAD jewelry design
and have 18 years of experience as a bench jeweler. I use Rhino and
ArtCAM, so whether it’s a precisely drawn manufactured look or a
design with organic looking natural shapes, I can make it. I also
have the recourses for casting, setting, etc. Give me a call or send
me an email and we’ll take it from there!

Jesse Kaufman
CAD-CAM Technology
Handcrafted Originality
West Hartford, CT