CAD design ratios for stone setting

Can anyone help me? I’m trying to learn how to design using Rhino.
If my design has round 1.5mm stones, what height and width should my
prongs bead? (This is for pave and bead-set). I was told that the
settings in my cad file should be.2mm smaller than the actual stone
size desired. Also I was told that the prongs/beads should be a
minimum of.4mm wide and. 6mm in height. Are there typical benchmark
ratios of stone size/prong size?


Not meaning to sound harsh, but it is really better to learn how to
set with real metal and stones first. The numbers and dimensions
might be the same but no computer can ever reproduce the gut twisting
sound of two diamonds being jamed together and breaking. Then you can
figure out how to do the modelling and add the compensation for
shrinkage, finishing and any cam surprises.

Easier for a jeweller to learn CAD/CAM than for a Rhino expert to
learn how to mangle metal without serious bodily harm or really bad
ugly work.

There aren’t really any cookbook formulas, your stones are small and
entering the realm where.01mm can make a real difference on your cad
model. Cut/ or build / and cast a sample and try to set, and as they
print on my shampoo bottle… lather, rinse, and repeat.

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