CAD /CAM Systems

I have read the messages on this area with great interest. Now
I would love to see one of them in operation - how the design (a
drawing I assume?) moves from paper to a 3-D graphic image to an
actual model. I am not “equipped to purchase” one. I am a small
scale designer, originally classically trained as a painter, who
migrated into business to “feed the demons” I mistakenly thought
were mentors, and have found my way back to jewelry design and
creation. I am a great believer in learning how to make things -
learned to grind my own pigment in school, took one full year of
anatomy, another of perspective, three of drawing. I am incredibly
grateful for that classical training. -But I am also fascinated
by what computers can do and would love to know how the system
works - not to replace true artists and craftspeople - but to see
how I could use it some day to augment my work. Is there anyone
in the San Francisco Bay area (hopefully San Francisco or East
Bay) who uses one and would be willing to show me its
capabilities? I would be most grateful. Thank you in advance
for your generosity of spirit!

Shael Barger
dakotah designs