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CAD/CAM Systems


I would first like to Address Neil George I am so sorry that
"we" are intruding in “Your” world from “other walks of life”.
The truth is that I am not designing these models myself in turn
I am taking an artist’s impression and bringing them to life
using CAD/CAM as an aid. The reason why more and more people will
be coming into your “world” is that there are so many of "you"
that enjoy keeping your head in the sand. Please keep your
blinders on because that is one less person I have to worry
about. Finally, what ever has Bill Gates done to you such that a
free enterprising individual can’t expand his horizons. I would
rather aspire to be like a Bill Gates than an ostrich with my
head in the sand squawking at all who intrude in “my” world. Get
a grip on reality.

In response to Todd Hawkinson, I fell that you really understand
the point I was writing about. I know that there are many things
that are better done by hand but there are more and more complex
things done on the computer everyday. Maybe the machine made
jewelry looks that way because the industry is still young. Think
back to when computer imagining started, the images looked really
weak. Now I think that many artists are having a hard time
telling the difference between a photo and a computer image. Even
Disney is doing all of their animation on the computer. Is the
Lion King any less of a Movie Than Cinderella. With the computer
the artist can now animate hundreds of characters in a shot
rather than a few by hand. So in many ways the computer has
inabled artists to produce a superior product.

John Mastoloni