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CAD/CAM software and mills

Has anyone got any strong opinions about the type of software and
mill to use for coustom design?


Matrix and the 540 revo mill

Russ Hyder
The Jewelry CAD Institute

Artisan CNC has some great new mills and service. They also sell
Artcam software. Talk to Randy Hays.

With software it is best to match the software to the type of work
you do. Check out the major brands and look carefully at what you can
make with them.

Cadsmithing LLC


There are a number of great, and even more bad software packages on
the market for CAD/CAM jewellery work. My suggestion is that you go
over to and sign up for the forum there. There are
some very knowledgeable and generous people on that forum who can
answer questions about the pros and cons of different packages. You
will also find many videos by members showing their own software and
hardware work flows.

Most of the members are working jewellers who make a living using
CAD. A few days of wandering around that site will give you a good
starting point for your search.

Chris Manning