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CAD/CAM Personal and Bench Jeweler Wages

I am trying to get a handle on what positions are going for with
experienced CAD/CAM personal with milling experience are going for
in different parts of the country. If you can shine some light on
this I would be grateful.

I also am trying to see what bench jewelers are getting now with a
wide range of experience with a min of 7yrs experience. I am not one
to ask “what you make for what you do” I am just trying to figure
what others are getting out there. At present I have been designing
for 15 yrs with silver, gold, platinum, including; fabrication,
casting, design, drawing, setting, sales, and managing 5 employees
and am around 36k. Yes I am under paid I think, but that is just my
thoughts. The reason for asking is I am planning to open a store
with CAD/CAM being the corner stone of my business plan, and wanting
to see what I can be in store for with payroll. I am in Nevada so I
am sure it differs from state to state.

Thank you all so much.

Hello BW,

I am a recruiter in the jewelry industry and wanted to respond to
your post. CAD/CAM is definitely now beginning to get the attention
of the industry, and I’m seeing more and more employers interested
in employees with that experience or the passion to learn. I
currently have two positions where CAD/CAM is preferred and both are
in the mid to upper $50’s in base compensation. I truly see that
inching up in the near future.

To your second concern, bench jewelers with +/- 7 years solid bench
experience are definitely in demand. I have several positions in
various parts of the country and they range in the $36K to $50K
bracket, depending on skill sets and quality of work.

I hope this helps you, and please feel free to contact me with any
employment questions. I would be happy to be of help.

Vic Davis

Vic Davis & Associates, Inc.
Springfield, MO
866-650-6400 (toll-free)