[CAD/CAM] Matrix 3d 4.3 upgrade to 6

I have a version of Matrix 4.3 and want to get the upgrade to 6 but
cant for a few months. I have heard it’s very different than the
version I have. I have some experience with 4.3 but do not know if
its a waste of time to learn anymore in 4.3 if 6 is so much
different. Would rather that the extra learning time and sit at the
bench. =)

Matrix Ver 6 is a major upgrade in functionality and ease of use,
most of the interface has been redesigned after many years of
observing how folks worked with the older versions and how the
natural “tinkering” part of the design/build process flows. It is
well worth the price in productivity increases and ease of use.

Now, should you stop all playing with your earlier version?

It depends, if you have not spent much time with 4.3 and working
with it is tedious, then stop and wait, 6 will amaze you in its ease
of use and make it fun to the point of addictive to sit and CAD away.
The cool thing about 6 is that you don’t need to stop at close, it is
so easy and fast to change things that you can quickly get it exactly
how you want it to look.

But if you are currently using your version and making money with it
don’t stop, just keep plugging away learning as much as you can,
most skills transfer, or the V6 “simpler” method will be easier to
understand if you are versed in the older version. I am sure you
will enjoy 6. I have been a user since Ver 2 release and 6 truly made
it all worth while. If you have any questions drop me a note.