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CAD/CAM - 4 axis vs. 3D printer

I fall into the Jewelcad/3D printer camp, I’ve been using Jewelcad
for a number of years and I’m astonished at what can be done with it

  • at first glance, with it’s ready made libraries, etc, it may seem
    a little simplistic, but it is a very powerful program indeed. I
    hardly ever lift up a pencil or a wax tool anymore - and I find the
    process to be just as fulfilling as carving a wax. When my design is
    done it not only looks like a finished piece of jewelry on the
    screen, but it’s also a solid model ready for our Modelmaker 3D
    printer to make. I end up with an intricate, complete wax ready for
    casting - the layering effect is negligible if you use a fine enough
    build - 0.0127mm per layer if you want to. How does a 4-axis milling
    machine hollow out the center of a ring? Surely that kind of system
    is restricted to where the cutter can get to? I can control every
    aspect of my jewelry with no restrictions. I’ll be trying out the
    4-axis for myself - we just got one. It’s quite a piece of work but
    I’m still cynical. Hopefully I’ll be able to use Jewelcad with both
    machines. Technology rules!

Stephen Mulligan
Design Manager