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CAD and abstract expressionism in Metalsmithing

Hi gang,

This was inspired by a subthread on the ‘why CAD is needed in
classes.’ thread. Unfortunately, that one has become. predictably

Thus, I’m breaking my question out into a new thread.

It was mentioned that one of the goals of (historical) painting was
realism, right up until the point where photography permanently
grabbed the high ground. At that point, the painters took a left
turn into abstraction, going where cameras could never follow.

So noted.

If CAD grabs the section of the market that is currently cast. (Let
us presume for the sake of argument that it will.) What then?

Painters could hang a left into abstraction easily enough, it was
all just goop on canvas.

Our stuff isn’t. Where can we go that the machines can’t follow?

In curiosity,

Very interesting thoughts there Brian.

One of the things with technology is that there are scientists,
engineers, and anyone with an interest, attempting to make machines
replace us.

This applies to mundane mechanical operations as it does to
creativity, personality, and learning machines.

Theoretically anything we can do a machine will be able to do
eventually, maybe even have independent thought.

One of my friends was a journalist for a computer magazine, and he
was afforded the opportunity to meet a learning computer. The
computer appeared to be curious about what my friend looked like, so
requested that the camera be switched on. Of course my friend was a
little creep-ed out by this. It was simulation, but was simulation on
an intensive level.

If people are designing machines to essential replace us, then we
are the model to where machines are heading. Hell they’ve even got
programs called vocaloids that can be used to simulate human singing.

At the moment machines cannot really take independent action, and
where they do it’s a simulation with strict rules.

The creativity, whether using CAD or making jewellery by hand, or
using lathes and mills, is still solely our domain. but for how long?

Regards Charles A.
P. S. Was remembering the computer created symphony, sounded terrible,
but was created by a computer without direct human intervention.

Brian. .

Ah Ha! Great question, I don’t think we can know until history tells
us. But I bet the same kinds of conversations were being spoken back
then. I actually find that other thread fascinating for the exact
same reasons it is disturbing. .

When disrupting technologies emerge, it is bound to create stress.
that thread, and probably this one will be a manifestation of that

Not all things end up the same way as the painter/photographer
scenario does.

The cotton gin comes to mind. but that did not have the benefit of
being an art. when it comes to a purely industry issue. . That will
bend soely due to the financial pressures. It, has no choice.

Art, being more ethereal, that is going to be fun to watch. From
both ends.

I think CAD will bring wonderful changes to the art directly and

a. CAD will allow adopting artists to push boundaries.

b. CAD will force non-adopting artists to push their boundaries.
(like painters of the day)

I also think that from the industry stand point, the Rush to get
into it and to produce will water down and commodicize (sp?)

Neat times ahead, if scary.

Christopher Lund
Neurascenic - Industrial Design

For years I have been doing a personality profile on my client and
then designing their jewelry to match their personality and
lifestyle. Has always given me a edge to my competitors as well as
making my clients feel special.

I started with 30 questions and have narrowed it down to 3 questions
which take less then 5 minutes to answer. I really need todo more
then 1 sketch to lock them into the sale and make them loyal
clients. I think to beat CAD we will need to take a left turn and
this approach mightbe one of the avenues we will need to incorporate
into our game plans.

The 3 questions. . (I should charge for these) :slight_smile:

  1. if you we’re given a blank check and inherited Shell Oil co. As
    well as won the International Lottery all in the same day. . (this
    is the critical part) and you are single and have no obligations to
    anyone. what type of carwould you buy for yourself? All the money
    you could ever want and free gas and oil. …

  2. same situation. you have all the money you could want. Describe
    the outside of your Dream home. Entrance view is what you want.

  3. same situation. describe the furniture you would put in the
    living room. (no other room)

How does this worke?

  1. the car tells me the shape of the jewelry. Curves or angles as
    well as where they want to be in society. Mercedes sport coup. Is
    shuttle flash. Ferrari lots of flash.

  2. exterior of their dream home… Style. Status. What they want
    strangers to see when they first drive up. colonial,
    Georgian,contemporary, log cabin. .

  3. furniture in the living room. this is where you bring strangers
    and sit them down to get to know them. So the furniture tells me a
    lot about what they want people to see and feel. .

Chrome and glass. lots of flash. ie. diamonds. Etc. Soft fluffy
cushions. Something they can wear everyday and be comfortable in. …
Queen Ann furniture, nice curves and flowing. no sharp angles as in
contemporary style.

Hope this helps some of you to cut down on thi time you spend
designing and give you more time to spend on the bench making
beautiful jewelry.

Good Question!

There is a market for every kind of jewelry and we all know that.
Some people don’t care how the piece is made, hand, wax/ cast, cast
from a mold or CAD/CAM as long as it looks good and has big rocks or
glitter they are buyers and there are the people who appreciate the
hand crafted pieces because of human skills and talent. However this
doesn’t mean that CAD created pieces are crap; crap exists at all

If you think your work is not crap and you are a master of your craft
then you don’t need to worry about CAD or whatever els because your
market will always be there for you.


Vocaloids do not completely simulate the human voice. They dont
acually simulate the human voice at all. They sample real human
voices and then use them to compose with electronically. All
vocaloids are based on a real human performer. My son is a budding
vocaloid composer and our resident authority of the history of
vocaloid. So while someday the human voice may be able to be
completely simulated, not at this point and not anytime soon.

Vocaloids do not completely simulate the human voice. They dont
acually simulate the human voice at all. They sample real human
voices and then use them to compose with electronically.

I talking about the totally synthetic voices, not the sampled ones.