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Cabochon Earrings

I have some beautiful jasper cabs that I would like to make into earrings. I don’t want to add the weight of a bezel cup but would love a clean line of silver around the edge of the stone which is flat. I don’t particularly like the ornate wire wrapping, just not my thing. A very simple wrap would be OK but prefer sort of a bezel edge just without a backing. Is this a pipe dream. :slight_smile:

Make the bezel, cut out the back leaving a ledge to support the cab.
Judy Hoch


If you are cutting out parts of the bezel, where will the earring posts be located…?

Gerry, on my iPhone

Couldn’t be simpler than Judy suggests. If the edge of the stone isn’t tappered enough to easily allow the edge of the bezel to be rolled, you can solder small tabs on the top or go without the back completely and make the tabs overlap the top and bottom. The tabs can be very small, I have gone as small as 20 gauge wire that is then either rolled flat or half round. If the stone is thick enough, you can drill a few small dimples around the edge and solder small silver beads inside the bezel. The beads engage the dimples and create a blind way to secure the stone into the bezel strip. This can be tricky as drilling into the thin edge of some material can cause it to fracture as can the process of forcing the bezel over the stone to engage the bead and dimple. When it works it looks great. You can also grind a small groove around the entire outside circumference of the stone. Cut a piece of small gauge wire and solder it into a loop that will eventually go aroud the stone and be pulled into the groove holding the stone and bezel togehter. The tightening is done by pulling the slack to the top of the stone and twisting it securing the stone making an eye. You can also just pull the slack up at the top ad simply pinch it around the end of a pair of round nose pliers creating the eye. This can also be done with half round wire. Finally, do away with the bezel completely and drill a small hole into the edge of the stone at the top with a small diamond drill. Solder a jumpring to the end of a piece of short wire that can then super glued into the drilled hole. Rough up the section of wire that goes into the drilled hole so that it grabs the glue. I am sure that there are many other ways to do what you want to do. Please excuse my typos as my spell check seems not to be working. Good luck…Rob

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Thank you so much Jodyh! That is actually a great idea and would work since I am putting these on wire earrings. Sometimes the simplest answers are the best and I hadn’t even thought of that.

Good point Gerry! I think I’ll be using ear wires so would need to include a jumpring onto the bezel. Thanks for the comment.

Thanks so much for this well thought out answer with such great things to try. I really like the idea of skipping the bezel. I think I will try that first.

Remember that the hole is permanent and very difficult to drill. Look at the archives and vendor sites for suggestions. Also look at the Kingsley North site for more information on drilling into rock rough.

Make small square wire ring slightly smaller than the bezel and put inside bezel for a shelf for the stone to sit on, then you have a small area to put a post attachment site.

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