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Cabbing prehnite?

Have any of you tried carving/cabbing prehnite? Am curious how it is
to work with & whether it has any quirks that make it difficult to
polish? Also whether or not it tends to lose its color over time?

Thank you from Carol in New Orleans where it feels like spring
outside today!

Carol -

I’ve cabbed it once - my first cab. I somehow decided that I needed
to do it as a high dome, and it worked out well that way. The
feathery little whitish fibers in it were shown off to good
advantage that way (chatoyance). Later i read in one of the stone
cutting books that that was the proper way to cut it, but it was just
a lucky choice for me. I cut it so that they were pointing towards
the top of the dome.

Cant remember what I used for my final polish tho… sorry.

Ivy S. Fasko
Contemporary Handcrafted Jewelry