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Cabachon setting on an etched bracelet

Is it possible to make an etched cuff and also add a stone with a bezel. My concern is will the soldering of the cabachon bezel damage the etching. Thanks for any input.

The problem I have had is that after soldering the buffing and clean up removes some of the details and sharpness of my engraving. Especially if the bracelet is silver. If possible I solder the bezel first then do the engraving. I have also made a cup bezel with 2 rivet tubes on the back and then drilled holes in the bracelet and riveted the bezel on after setting the stone.

Thank you so much for responding. If I put the resist around the bezel where is is soldered then I am assuming it would protect the join. I will try it. Thanks again.

I have not done this, but if you cut out a hole in the bracelet for the bezel and then soldered from the back side, with anti-flux around the front edges of the bezel, you might keep the solder only where it is needed. Another idea would be to put a square wire or twisted wire frame around the bezel to hide any solder which crept onto the front side.

Thank you. I will try it.

I wouldn’t do that if it is a cuff bracelet. The hole will weaken it to much at the top.

Hi John Wade,
You know, I hadn’t thought of that, but you’re absolutely right, you wouldn’t want to weaken the bracelet there.
The other issue that this raises is the flex of the bracelet loosening the cab. So it would have to be a thick
enough bracelet and bezel to keep from flexing…

This is why I suggested a mechanical connection. The bracelet is not weakened and can still flex.

When I make an etched piece and know where I will want to set a stone, I leave an unetched “plateau” that I will solder the bezel to.