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Cab ruby

Hello, Orchid, Well, I try not to do jewelry but an Old customer
brought me her ring and wants to put a cab ruby 8x6 in her ring. She
wants a natural, not man made, AA or A quality would be fine. Does
any one have a source they can recomend. All the dealers I used to
buy from are retired or have changed hands and don’t know me.

I would be most appreciative of any help and Thanks in

Cynthia Thomas

Hi; Please visit our website at, I am
positive you will find what you are looking for at great prices :slight_smile:

Mr. Rattapol Sangmanee G.G.
Certified Gemologist (GIA)
We are cutting the BEST deals!

Try Boston Gems and Findings, one of this list’s advertising
supporters, in Boston. 617-742-9402

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
Spirer Somes Jewelers